Terms and Conditions

Driver’s responsibility

  • All drivers must be between the age of 18 to 71.
  • All drivers must have experience riding a bike. Our staff is allowed to cancel bookings if the driver seems unable to safely drive the bike.
  • All drivers and passengers must wear a helmet while driving a motorised bike.
  • If you’ve lost or broken your helmet please contact Customer Care and we can bring you a new helmet. Please, never drive without a helmet.
  • All drivers must have a valid Driver’s License. Depending on your nationality and the location you might also need an International Driver’s License / document. It is your own responsibility that you have these documents in good order and make sure they are still valid!
  • All bikes must be locked when not in use.
  • Park your bike at designated parking areas only. Make sure not to park your bike at private properties without permission of its owners.
  • Customers are responsible to ensure that every member of their group has proper travel documents as regulated by the local government.
  • All clients are strongly recommended to obtain appropriate travel and medical insurances. Getting travel insurance which covers any potential disadvantages during your holiday including illness, injury, death, 3rd party damage and cancellations is advisable.


  • All bikes are supplied with a full tank of petrol upon delivery and should be returned with a full tank as well. In case the fuel tank is not filled to the top we will charge for the fuel plus a handling fee.
  • You have the option to switch to another bike within three hours after accepting your reserved bike, if stock is available and with a one time restriction. In case of an upgrade, the extra costs will be charged. In case of a downgrade, the difference will be refunded.
  • Bikes must be returned on time. Late return may result in extra hiring costs, so please keep to the agreed return time or notify us 48 hours prior if you wish to extend your rent. If you want to extend your rental period the easiest way to do this is to make a new booking online and inform us by a simple phone call or email.
  • You must notify Customer Care if you become aware of a fault or if the bike becomes unroadworthy for any reason. We will immediately repair or replace your bike.
  • We work extremely hard to ensure that our bikes are in excellent condition. As such our bikes are strictly for road use only and are not to be taken off road or onto beaches.
  • We are not liable to refund any losses caused by improper documentation and any other travel related problems including but not limited to cancelled or delayed flights.
  • The type of bike you reserved might not be available due to unforeseen circumstances. If this is the case we will provide a similar or upgraded bike at no extra cost.
  • Our staff is not allowed to provide any other services than listed on our website and brochure.
  • We will not entertain any complaints raised after client’s departure.
  • We are not liable for failure to perform our obligation caused by issues beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to act of God, power failure, fire, flood, epidemic disease, war, riot, and terrorism.

Delivery and pickup

  • If we offer a delivery or pickup service at your rental location, delivery and pickup times are indicative. We try to be as punctual as we can, but in busy touristic areas logistics can be a challenge.
  • If you decide to leave your bike behind at your accommodation for pick-up without you being present, take 5 pictures of the bike: front side, left side, right side, back of the bike and the fuel indicator. If your bike has storage capacity under its seat, photograph that as well to show you have put the helmet and other accessories inside. Always leave the keys with the receptionist/duty manager and inform us which of the hotel staff has accepted your keys. It is under no circumstance allowed to leave the bike behind in areas without supervision, such as the airport.

Payments & security deposit

  • We do not accept cash payments and we will never ask you to hold your passport in escrow. We accept payments through providers such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Paypal on our website.
  • Our prices are subject to change. Our website always shows the latest available prices. Once you make a booking the price is confirmed.
  • Your signature on the rental agreement page shall constitute authority for us to debit the final total charges against your account and your specific card-issuing organisation.
  • We require 100% of rental fee to be paid when the rental starts. The sum must be paid in full before pickup/arrival date.
  • Rental rates are calculated on the 24 hour clock.
  • If you have not taken an insurance package we will authorise $750 on your credit card as deposit for damages on the bike.
  • We may ask you to present your credit card used for the online booking and your passport for verification purposes at the time of the hand-over.
  • We provide our properties for rental in good faith. In return we ask our customers to treat our bikes and accessories respectfully. If you have taken our insurance package, there is an own risk term of $95. This is the maximum amount that you will pay when damage/theft of the bike occurs.
  • A security deposit will be reserved/authorised on your credit card 24 hours before collection of a motorcycle/scooter. Another security deposit can be added for your rented accessories.
  • If you have taken our cancellation insurance and you cancel the reservation before the rental starts, the rental sum minus the cost of the cancellation insurance is refunded.
  • If you have taken our cancellation insurance and you wish to cancel the rental on or after the day that the rental started (i.e. an early return), the sum of remaining days of rental that exceed our minimum rental period of 3 days, minus the cost of the cancellation insurance is refunded.
  • If you have not taken our cancellation insurance, you can choose an alternative date or transfer your reservation to another person, when stock is available and at least 24 hours before the rental starts.
  • All prices stated on our websites are in USD and charged as such. We do accept some other currencies such as Euro, Pound Sterling, Singapore Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar Indonesian Rupiah, Malaysian Ringgit. The prices we quote in these other currencies are converted from USD on a daily basis.

Damages & charges

  • Customer Care must be notified immediately of any accidents. We will come immediately with a replacement bike and we can potentially help you with a police report. Please do note that our insurance policy does not cover you if it turns out that the driver was drinking, underaged, or not in possession of a valid driving license. To be clear, if you have an accident we require you to contact us immediately, not the next day.
  • In the event of an accident, full damage deposit will be taken from your credit card until repair estimates are received.
  • Where an accident occurs after which our motorcycle is deemed to be unroadworthy and which is the fault of the client, the rental contract is immediately terminated with no refund. Clients will be notified by email or phone of cost of repairs and any refund due will be refunded immediately. Do note that opting in to our Motorbike Insurance waives this term away.
  • We are not liable to damage, loss, injury, and death sustained by the hirers riding the motorbikes or there pillion riders and other people involved in accidents.
  • Drivers are responsible for tire damages.
  • Usage of the phone holder is at your own risk. Make sure to fasten your phone properly when using the phone holder. We can not be held liable for any damage to your phone.

The following additional terms and conditions apply when renting from Balimotorbikerental.com in Bali

  • Bikes are not allowed to be taken off the main island of Bali.
  • In zone A we deliver and pickup for free. In other zones charges apply with a minimum of $10. See our Delivery & Pickup service areas. This service is subject to the schedule of our road assistants.
  • The bikes are delivered with the original registration and tax papers (STNK) in the key holder. If you lose these, we have to charge you $80. This is unfortunately very high, but our bike will be out of service for more than a week and we have to pay the government around $40 for the new STNK. You have to keep this document with you at all times while using the motorbike. We provide you with this document so the Bali police can not bribe you out of any money during roadblocks.
  • Drivers are responsible for damage of the tires. We provide a 24/7 service for $25 per incident and come to you, and replace the bike. We will fix the tire in our workshop. Hassle free for you!
  • If any of accessories are stolen, lost or damaged during rental the retail value will be charged on your credit card, plus an additional handling fee of $10. Retail values Bali:

    Helmet (full face): $35
    Helmet (half face): $25
    Medical Kit: $14.95
    Rain Poncho $9.95
    Pocket Wifi: $50
    Power bank: $35
    International travel adaptor: $20
    Side bags: $80
    Phone holder: $10

  • In case of a lost key we charge $35, because the lock set must be replaced.
  • If you do not return your bike with a full tank we charge $5 for bikes with engines of 125cc and smaller. For bikes with engines bigger than 125cc we charge $10. This includes our handling cost.
  • If you go to a restaurant, bar or club and you consume alcohol, do not drive back but take a taxi or be a pillion with one of your friends who didn’t drink. If you leave the bike, contact Customer Care to locate and bring the bike back to your villa or hotel.
  • We are not liable to any illegal conduct or actions against the law of the Republic of Indonesia.

In addition to these terms we kindly ask you to act responsibly while driving. Safety first! We hope you enjoy your rental with Balimotorbikerental.com. If you have any questions or concerns our friendly Customer Care team is happy to talk to you.